Pedaling is another technique that will aid your development as a hymn player. This makes use of the Sustain Pedal, the rightmost pedal at the base of the piano. The process of Pedaling is difficult to describe, but easy to do once learned.

Here is exactly how to use the pedal during the C Major O/C cycle:

  1. Play the octave C's (Fig. 1), and push down the sustain pedal.
  2. While still holding down the sustain pedal, move your right hand up and play a C Major chord (Fig. 2) for each remaining beat (Fig. 3).
  3. Begin the O/C cycle again, playing the octave C's.
  4. As you play the octave, release the sustain pedal, and press it again.

Fig. 4 is the same information in graphical form:

2/4 Pattern
3/4 Pattern
Fig. 4
Listen to the examples, with pedaling.