Tips For Using The Chord Interpreter

Quick Tips

  • Always use uppercase letters for chord and note names.
  • Use "#" to identify a sharp note (ex. C Sharp would be entered as "C#").
  • Use "b" to identify a flat note (ex. E Flat would be entered as "Eb").
  • Use "+" and "-" to show a modified chord extension. For example, an Eb diminished chord would be written as "Eb-5". A Bb7 Sharp 9 chord would be written as "Bb7+9".
  • Use "/" to identify an alternate bass note (otherwise known as a slash chord; ex. "F/A" is an F major chord over an A).
  • Only chord extensions up to "13" are supported.
  • White space (extra spaces) should be avoided, if possible.
  • Just about every chord you can think of should be supported, but please contact me if you run across a chord that is not.


  • C augmented = "Caug" or "C+" or "C+5".
  • Eb no third (a.k.a. - a power chord) = "Eb no 3rd" or "Ebno3", etc.
  • F over G = "F/G"
  • Bb suspended = "Bbsus"
  • A half-diminished 7th = "Amin7-5" (There is no easy way to type the normal half-diminished symbol, "ø", so it is not supported).
  • G fully-diminished 7th = "Go7" or "Gdim7"
  • D-sharp 9th = "D#9"
  • D augmented 9th (implies that the 7th is included, too) = "D+9"
  • D-sharp augmented 9th = "D#+9"
  • D major with an added sharp 9 (intentionally omitting the 7th) ="D add +9"
  • You can make odd combinations, too, such as: "E11-9+5/Gb". That doesn't mean that it will sound good, but it is a theoretical possibility!


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