Audio Lesson: Standing On The Promises

Are you ready for this? I have just recorded my first audio lesson on the beginning steps for playing the piano in an Evangelistic style. This is a big step for me, first, because you will now hear my voice and how bad of a singer I really am ;o), and, second, because this is my first personal recording of this type, and I'm still working on ways to increase the quality of the recording. Please, no comments on my Texan accent... I'm kind of proud of it!

Before downloading the audio lesson, be sure that you have first read the other lessons (Chord Tutorial, Chording Lessons, and Playing From A Hymnal) found on this site. You must have a firm grasp on these foundational concepts before this audio lesson will make much sense.

The song discussed in this lesson will be Standing On The Promises. Throughout the lesson, I will be playing from a hymnal (in the key of Bb). For your convenience, I have provided a copy at the end of this lesson that you can print out and follow along with.