The Mary Jo Moore Piano Course


The Mary Jo Moore Piano Course is a piano course that I do not have, but definitely want. There are five volumes for instruction, each coming with its own demonstration tape. She also has available solo books, which I also love to collect. I had to search the Internet a lot to find her site, but I do believe she has a good product. Sue, a member of the Evangelistic Gospel Piano group wrote:

If you can, look more at the The Mary Jo Moore course. I have all of her books and have used them with my students. They move rather quickly, but the advanced books are great!!! Lots of runs and fills and very "busy" and if you like the octave chord type of music she abounds with this! Her collection of Concert Hymn Arrangements with the hymns notated and graded difficulty (A_B_C) are a great find. That's another book I wouldn't part with along with Dr. Atwoods, and the David Smither reference books.

Thanks, Sue!