The Do-It-Yourself Handbook For Keyboard Playing


Before the DIY craze hit television, Sheet Music Magazine produced The Do-It-Yourself Handbook For Keyboard Playing. I eyed this book suspiciously for quite some time before I purchased it, not sure of what to make of it, up to the point of restraining myself twice when it came up for auction on eBay (a big accomplishment for me!). Finally, I saw it surface for a third time on eBay (third auction), and I bought it.

When I finally got it in, I read it continuously for two days. I wish I had not waited!
This book is a collection of articles written by professional musicians, covering many different aspects of keyboard playing. It was written for use with both piano and organ, with specific articles dealing with each. It covers all types of music, both sacred and secular, and does a good job on all of it. I was impressed with the content and scope of this book, but am sad to say that, as far as I know, it is out of print. On a happier note, though, used copies can be found on, and I have seen this book surface on eBay every few months, so check on it!

273 Pages. Copyright 1982 by Shacor, Inc. ISBN 0-943748-00-3.