Closing Remarks

Many people fall in love with the O/C style when they first begin learning it. Others see it as monotonous, and do not care for it. To both I would urge that you remember that what you see in this lesson is only the first step. We will continue to build on the basic O/C until our left and right hands are both playing spectacular runs and fills... we just have to start somewhere. Always remember that there are many great things yet to come!

Remember that you cannot learn how to play hymns by reading these lessons. You can only learn by doing (or, playing, that is)! These lessons are a guide to help in your own explorations into evangelistic improvisation. Learn this song so that it can be played without any hesitations. Use a Metronome to help you to keep a steady tempo. And finally, pick out more hymns on your own and try to play them with the O/C. Become familiar enough with the O/C pattern that you can play it without watching your left hand. Only then will you be ready to move on to the next step of hymn playing.